Monday, November 26, 2012

Summary of 2012 meeting of the Board of Directors

John Skeel Missionary Foundation
Saturday, November 17, 2012

Annual board meeting – held this year at Sharon Lamb’s home, Austin, TX at 10 AM.

Report as follows:
Opening prayer was given by Kemper Crabb.  Other attendees include, John Skeel, Wallace Koehl, Sharon Lamb, and Barbra Metzgar.

John Skeel presented the following report:

Success reported for 2012 includes:
·      Louise completed 3-year IT program at APTEC in Kampala and now is employed as an administrative assistant to a manager at Security Services (similar to our Wells Fargo).  She is married to Jimmy T and has two children, Austin and Ellen.
·      Joyce completed her Bachelors of Business Administration and is also employed by Security Service.  She has a one-year old son, Ethan.
·      Christine also completed the 3-year IT program at APTEC and has regular IT jobs.
·      Jimmy T will complete his requirements for his CPA this December.  He is a top producer in the collection department of Charter Standard Bank in Kampala. He will begin a 6-month Developmental assignment in Burundi in January 2013.
·      We have given certificates to 20+ students in our two Vocational Training Centers (VTC), New Hope Reception Center in Kabale and Hill Top VTC in Kiruhura.
·      Darius, a graduate of our carpentry class, has opened his own hardware store in a nearby village much to our delight with excellent prices.  We have purchased several pieces of furniture from him this past year.
·      Aidah will complete S6 at Kazo Secondary school in December and has agreed to be our administrative assistant at Hill Top VTC and orphanage beginning in January 2013.
·      Michael Asawami was enrolled in the church of Uganda seminary in Mukono for the next three years.  This is an answer to many prayers by him and his wife, Patience.  He was the recipient of a “new” Dell laptop computer in November.
We are sponsoring 20+ students with educational assistance.  They are as follows:
1.    Laban is a sophomore in medical school at Makerere University.
2.    His twin sister, Lilian, is a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering at the same University.
3.    Rita is a new student attending Mulago University for three years to obtain a degree as a medical assistant.
4.    Kylie will be in S2 in January
5.    Aidah will complete S6 at Kazo Secondary school in December
6.    Alex will be in S4 at Kazo Secondary in January
7.    Enoth will be in S4 at Kazo Secondary in January
8.    Enorine will be in S3 at Sades  Senior HS in Rushere
9.    Mercy will be in S2 at Sades Senior HS in Rushere
10. Pheonah will be in  S3 in Kabale
11. Bridgette will be in P4 in January
12. Kashejah will be in P5 in January
13. Racheal started chef school in September this year at the YMCA in Kampala, a one-year program.
14. Oliviah will begin hotel management classes at YWCA in Kampala in January.
15. We still have three orphans we are caring for in Kiruhura, Mark (6), Marklene (5), and Bush-Emanuel (7).  Louise’s Grandfather, living on site, will turn 102 this December. We also look after two additional elderly men at the Farm and Forest project by providing food, clean water, and clothes.
16. Clotilde is a genocide survivor from Rwanda. She is attending Kigali University.
17.  Beatrice, Cleophus, Dina and Morene all attend Hill Top VTC.  Two new students joined us in November.
·      John offered a four day Bible training center for pastors We held the 4-day seminar  at Mark’s church in Kimillili, Kenya with the following attendees:  Mark Ndinyo (translator), Timona W. Soita, Dismas W. Khamala, Dennis K. Musamali, Wycliffe O. Salim, Pius Simiyo Lukurito, Patrick M.Barasa, Henry W. Wepuknulu, Kennedy W. Wekesa, Patrick K. Wekesa,
·      We completed our first church in western Kenya with Pastor Mark Ndinyo and have started our second one near the town of Kimillili.
Our Experimental Farm and Forestry project is progressing:
·      This year we planted another 100 Gravari trees, 100 eucalyptus trees, 6 orange trees, and 50 coffee trees at a cost of $200
·      We have approximately 30 dairy cows that produce 20 liters of milk a day (4,000Sh).  Our goal is to increase that amount to 100 liters per day in 5 years.
·      This year we purchased two Ankoli cows and their calves at a cost of $1,000.  Our goal is to have a minimum of 30 cows in five years.
·      This year we completed several fencing projects and cleared about 20 acres of unwanted trees and bushes, so grass would grow in those areas $300
·      By the end of the year all of our goats will be sold as they are high maintenance.

Our budget for student tuition/school fees assistance in 2012 was $12,000. 

Our budget for the Vocational Training portion of our program was $2,000 for Kiruhura and $2,000 for Kabale or a total of $4,000. 

Our Farm and Forest 2012 annual budget for project manager and help was $1,500 for the year.   Total amount for F & F was $3,000.

We met our Kenya project/goal to complete one church at a cost of $3,000.
Subtotal is $22,000.

My travel expenses remain about the same.  Airfare + visas are about $4,000 for both trips.  My per diem expenses for 2012 were $25/day or $3,500.  My auto expenses were higher than usual at around $2500 this year.   Total travel expenses of $10,000

Fund raising expenses (gas and postage) for 2012 were $1,000.
Office equipment  purchased this year include a new Toshiba laptop computer, a new HP fax, scanner, copier printer and two Cannon digital cameras at a cost of $1,600
Tax preparation accounting fees $400.00
Subtotal for travel and office was $13,000
Grand Total for 2012 was $35,000

Our budget for tuition assistance for 2013 will increase to $14,000.
For 2013 the VTC budget will reduce to $2,000 for Kabale and $1,000 for Kiruhura for a total of $3,000.
Our Farm and Forest budget for 2013 will be increased to $300/month or $3,600 – this will include the purchase of two more Ankoli cows and calves.   An additional $400 will be used for two new plastic water storage tanks.  Total amount for this project for 2013 will increase to $4,000. 
Our Kenya project/goal will be to complete one more church; assist with the chicken community Co-op project; and build a new shower/kitchen house at the farm site (Ndinyo farm). Our estimated budget for Kenya in 2013 will be $4,000.
Subtotal is $25,000
My travel expenses for 2013 will remain about the same.  Airfare + visas are about $4,000 for both trips.  My per diem expenses for 2013 will increase to $35/day or $4,000.  My auto expenses should be at around $2,000 this year. Total travel expenses estimated to be $10,000
Fund raising expenses for 2013 will remain at $1,000.
No new additional equipment is anticipated for 2013 $0
Tax preparation accounting fees $400.00

Grand Total for 2013 is estimated to be  $36,400