Friday, October 21, 2022

After Action Report: Spring – 17 March to 30 April 2022

 John Skeel Missionary Foundation

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After Action Report:   Spring – 17 March to 30 April 2022

Dear friends,

I am happy to report that I have completed yet another successful trip to Uganda.  Covid-19 tests before, during, and after my flight.  A mask is required to enter most stores for the majority of my stay.

Special Projects 

#1.  Witnessed the completion of Remiigo Primary School NEW steel roofing project to their chapel - 50’ X 100’.  They currently have approximately 500 students in grades 1-7. This school is located about one mile west of our Vocational Carpentry Center in the village near Ibanda.

#2.  We completed Alex’s NEW 12’ X 16’ living accommodation’s building. He has worked for us for the past 12+ years and is our on-site caretaker for the carpentry school.  He is now married with a wife and two children. We are very happy to be able to have him around.    $1,500 

#3.  We made significant progress on this year’s project – a  stand-alone 4-room school building that is 36’ X 36’ at the Praise God Primary School one mile west of our Vocational Center.   Last year Joan only had 50 students and 5 teachers.  This year she has 50 children in the first level class alone and added a 6th teacher.  We completed phase 1 and 2 before I left Uganda to return to the States.  That means we still have to complete phase 3 and 4.  Phase three will mean that we install the 4 steel doors and 8 - 36 inch by 48 inch wood shutter,  plus the install  the steel and cement “ring beam” that we use to keep the roof intact when there are high winds and rain as we are at 5,400 feet.  Phase 4 will be when we add the 7 – 36’ X 6’ wood trusses.  They will be built on site on top of the building walls (currently at 7’) as they are too heavy to lift – about 300# each.  We hope to complete this school building project early next year.  $4,000 this year

Student school fees assistance

Iganga:  Hanns Isabirye and his Methodist Church.  We continue to be assisting 10 girls with school fees all three terms – about $500 per year.  In 2023, we are planning to add 6 female college students for two semesters per year –  an additional $1,500 per year.

Kabale:  Hope Reception Sewing School: run by Michael and Patience for the past 16 years.  We continue to offer assistance for the teacher and building rental  –   $2,500 per year.  They have 20-25 mostly girls that are instructed on how to use a Singer treadle sewing machine and Brother knitting machine.

Additional individual students:

Brian - Iganga primary school - $250 per year.  (He had 18 months of medical treatment for severe club feet that was provided by CoRCU children’s hospital in Kampala that was paid for by us)

Irene - Kabale catering school - $450 per year.  We paid for her 6 years of secondary school.

Mercy, Mark, Patricia – Ibanda Primary school - $1,200 per year for classes+ room and board

Rebecca – second year of Sewing / Catering school (three terms per year) – Ibanda, $300 per year.

Elizabeth K - Sarah school of nursing Mbarara - $1,200 per year.  She will start her third year this August 2022.  We paid for her 6 years of secondary boarding school.

William M - Kampala University, western campus.   Bachelor of Physiology (physical therapist).   This is a three year program.  He will start his second year this August.  -  $ 2.500 per year for tuition.   There is an additional amount for room and board to live on campus of $900 per year.

Vocational training programs:

Voien Carpentry School – Ibanda: teachers

    Johnathan - $1,200 per year,    Alex - $1,200 per year

Gomba Sewing School – Kabalasokii:  rent and teachers assistance 

    Barbara - $900 per year

Godfrey – Director of Education - $350 per year

Respectfully submitted,  

John Skeel