Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Students that we sponsor for 2017

  Mark Ndinyo and family

John Skeel Missionary Foundation –
Students that we sponsor for 2017

1.  The family of Godfrey has three children that we are offering school fee assistance.
Joyce is 17, Enoch is 15 and Raymond is 13.  Godfrey’s two sons and his niece all are sophomores (S-2) in Kazo secondary school (SS).  Joyce is on the school soccer (football) team that competed in National playoffs in Kenya last year even though it was their first year for them to have a team.
Also in S-2 at Kazo SS is Elizabeth, the sister of our current caretaker of our latest Vocational Training Center in Ibanda, Alex.  She is currently 8th in her class of 68 students.
Enorine, 22 will attend college this fall in Kampala and plans to become a high school English teacher.  She is currently teaching English at the primary school she attended for 7 years.
2.  We have added several new students:
Sharron. 19 is learning how to make crafts – baskets, place mats, various types of Vera Bradley type bags with Noeline. She lives in the home with another one of our students, Irene that is also attending    S-1 in a suburb of Kampala.
Daphine, 13 in S-1, is also attending Kazo SS. Both of her parents were killed in an auto accident about a year ago.  Her uncle (headmaster for the primary school where Enorine teaches English to the students) asked for assistance and is paying for 1/3 of her cost to attend Kazo SS.
Mark, 12 his sister, Markline, 10 and brother, Dan, 4 all have been living with his grandmother and great grandfather because both of their parents are alcoholics and are unable or unwilling to care for any of the children. He is in P-2/3 at Ibanda Integrated Primary school (they have approximately 700 students in a very good primary school).
Justine, 20, completed S-4 in Kampala.  She is working for her diploma in catering and cooking at Alliance Vocational school in Ibanda while living with her sister, Hanna. She is assisting us by taking care of Mark while he is on breaks between terms as her apt is behind his school in Ibanda.
Esther Anyadru, 10, is living in a small village in the NE corner of the Congo next to Sudan and Uganda.  Both parents are dead because of the violence in the area.

Met Anne Marie on a recent visit to Uganda at the African Inland Missions (AIM) rest house in Lubowa where I often stay coming and going from Uganda after – before my long 30 hour plane ride.
We continue to sponsor the following students in Kabale / Hope Reception Center – director,

Bridget is now in S-2 at a boarding school in Kabale.
Kasheija is now in P-7 with his foster sister, Shalome in Kabale.
Shalome is repeating P-6 because of poor performance.
Her brother, Joshuah is doing well in S-3.

1. Pheonah parents are both deceased.  She came to us when she was 13 years old having never been able to go to school – she was abused by her Uncle.   She successfully completed S-4 in Kabale.  She completed training at YWCA in hotel management and is employed as manager of a small hotel in Ntongamo (50 rooms, conference center and restaurant).

2. We are assisting Cleophus in starting her own tailoring shop in Kabale and have rented a store that has a room behind for her to live/sleep in with her business (March 1st, 2017.  So far that is working out better than expected.

3. We continue to support Hope Reception Center – Sewing School. We have rented an adjacent shop to Cleophus for the next 12 months.  They continue to have 12-15 students in class every year.

4. Our new classroom/ VTC in Ibanda will start classes this fall.  We already have several students that have signed up for our carpentry class.  Johnathan will be the instructor for that class/apprenticeship program (3 yrs.).  We will be adding additional classes as we find competent teachers for those fields – English as 2nd language, tailoring, masonry hair/cosmetology etc.

Thank you for your financial support, prayers and concern for my safety while in Uganda.  If you need additional information about our efforts, please feel free to contact me by phone or email –

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke

In His service,

John Skeel