Thursday, December 15, 2011

2012 Projects and Program Fees

How do you choose to make a difference in 2012?

School Fees
• Vocational Training Center (VTC) fees are $10 per month or $100 per year per student. We currently expect 18 students at our VTC in Kiruhura and 10 students at our VTC Kabale. Most students have completed the 7th grade with ages ranging from 15 to 25 years old.
• Primary grades 1-7 school fees are $100 per term (spring, summer and fall) or $300 per year. We need assistance for Justine, Joshuah, Shalome, Bridgette, Kasheja and Bruce.
• Secondary grades 1-4 school fees are $125, per term (spring, summer and fall) or $375 per year. Secondary grades 5-6 are $150 per term (spring, summer and fall) l) or $450 per year. We are currently looking for assistance for Idah, Isaac, Fortunate, Emanuel, Innocent, and Phionah.
• College student attend two semesters per year. Tuition, fees, books are $1,500 per Semester or $3,000 per year ($250 per month). We are currently looking for sponsors for Lilian (she wants to be a mechanical engineer). Lilian has been accepted to Makerere University. Her twin brother Laban wants to be a doctor – a six year program in Uganda. He has been accepted to Makerere University medical school program.
Building projects
• We are planning to assist 14 churches in Western Kenya near Mt. Elgon to complete or rebuild their main building at a cost of about $4,000 per building with Mark Ndinyo.
To qualify for our assistance the need to comply with the following:
• The Church is required to own the property.
• The Church will be a repository for local orphans and assistance will be rendered as needed
• The Church will provide volunteers (men and women) to assist us in the building process. Our job is to supply the materials – cement, bricks, windows, doors roof timbers and iron sheets plus contract with local skilled mason and carpenters.
• A sign will be affixed to and remain on the building showing our organization and the donor(s) name and city in the USA.

Farming and Forestry project

• We are moving forward with our larger animal projects. Each new female sheep cost us $50 – we now have 6. Each castrated bull calf costs us $160 – we now have 12. Each cow now costs us $350 – we now have 6.
• We will continue to move forward with our forestry project and will plant as many seedlings as possible (200+) on each trip. We planted 2000 in December of 2010 and 200 in 2011. Some of the trees planted December 2011 are now over 6 feet tall. Seedlings are costing us $60 per 100. Citrus seedlings are $3 each.

Make your tax deductible donation to – John Skeel Missionary Foundation, 101 Cherry Ave,
Winona Lake, IN 46590. A receipt will be sent to you for your contribution.