Sunday, November 20, 2016

Our 2016 community in Uganda, a few of our educational partners and students

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 
John Skeel Missionary Foundation
December 2016

I once again travel from Winona lake, Indiana to Uganda in both February and September for about 4 to 5 Weeks each trip.

With our Kenya pastor, Mark Ndinyo, we were able to plaster the inside of church #4 with cement, as well as put in a cement floor. Mark and his family Carolyn, Scovia, Brenda, Vanessa and Damon are living in Woodstock, Georgia while Mark attends seminary for 4 years to receive his Maters' in Divinity. We have assisted his family with clothes (no winters in Kenya), as well as two bicycles (see photos). Next year we will assist his church with foundation for building a new sanctuary (60' x 90').

We continue to run two Sewing/Tailoring Schools. School #1, Hill Top has 21 students (see class list). Most children's parents do not have the money to send their children to Secondary School because of the cost ($500 -$600 per year) for 6 years. The second Sewing School, Hope Reception Center in Kabale has 16 students.

The third program is offering some tuition assistance to exceptional Secondary School (55) students. We have 5 students at Kaza S5 (Joyce, Enoch, Raymond, and Elizabeth all in 5-1) and Enorine completing 5-6. She will join her brother at Kyambogo University in September 2017. Kampala students include Justine, completing S-4 and will to go YMCA catering class in February 2017 (her sister Oliviah was a former student). Noeline's daughter Irene is finishing P-7 this year and will go to 5-1 next year. Her mom is the one who is making all ofthe crafts that I bring back to the U"S. We are assisting the following children of Jackson and Juliette with school fees: Evas P-7; Peace S-3; Isaac 5-4; Ester 5-5 and Kallen will finish YMCA catering school in May 2017.

We will be adding the following students in 2017: Brenda 5-4; Kazo S5; Hilda 5-1 at Kayanga; Jullian is in Hair Dressing school, Kampala; Sharon VTC making crafts and learning English in Ka~pala. We will also assist Cleophus, our Kabale sewing teacher, will transition to her own private tailoring shop in Kabale with the help of Patience.

Success Stories:

Patience completed her MSW in Kabale and was recently promoted to Regional Coordinator of the southern half of Uganda. She was one of two out of 300 applicants selected for the position with Compassion International.
Her husband Michaell a church of Uganda priest was recently assigned to Kabale Hospital as their Chaplain. They still care for Kashejah P-7 (20l7) and Bridget 5-2 (2017) for us.
Pheonah will be doing internship with Serena Hotel, Kampala.
Oliviah just got a new job at hotel making more money.
Alex has a new job managing farm animals.
Laban is working in medical research (TR testing local cures. See 30+/-patients a day (MD degree in 2016).
Lilian completed mechanical engineering degree in 2015.
Rita is working as dental assistant doing root canals, extractions, and learning more skills. She completed Mokana Dental School in 2016.
Aidah completed 5-6 and is working in a retail store in Kampala. Her brother Isaac is staying with her while finishing $-4 in 2017.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and financial help. Without you, little of this would be accomplished.

In His Service,

John Skeel

Notes from the field:
Episode #1601

While walking to church on Sunday with Peace, we saw one of our students in Kampala. I heard a voice saying, "Skeell Skeell Skeell" I turned around and saw one of our former student Joyce. She was going to the same mega church in the village of Nytinoa on the far northeast side of town. She was going to church, except to work, counting the money collected for 3 church services for Security Service (much like our Wells Fargo or Brinks). Each service has about 2,500 in attendance. We gave her school fee assistance to complete her university degree in Business Administration. I've only attended this church once. It's in a town of 5 million.

Episode #1602

While attending a church with Patience and a group of her children that were performing in the service in Kabale, far southwestern Uganda, I met a young woman after the service. She said, "Do you remember me?" I said, "Glorious, of course I do." She was a math teacher at our second orphanage built about 6 years ago. We paid for an additional year of university studies for her. She's now happily married, was glad to see me, and thank us for the tuition assistance.

Episode #1603

While talking to the local hardware store owner's son Guidance, I suggested he be one of the advisor/board members of a new Vocational Training Center (VTC) that we are forming in his village of Kayanga, which is about 30 km outside ofthe western town of Iganga. Not only did he say, "Yes" he said his wife who is a public health nurse would like to be one of the teachers at the new school, Hillside VTC. God is good all of the time; all of the time God is good!

Episode #1604

A locally run preschool (ages 3 -6) has about 60 to 75 students and is run by an elderly lady (her land and building with 3 teachers -see attached photos). They basically teach ABC's, numbers, and English. We donated one school bench for students to write on that was made by Jonathan, our new carpentry instructor at Hillside VTC.

Episode #1605

Godfrey and I stopped at Kazo Sac School one more time to visit our students. Unknown to us it happened to be Visitors Day that term. We had a nice long visit with all-Joyce (the footballer); Enoch (#1 son); Raymond (#2 son); Elizabeth (Alex's sister); and Enorine (our #1 student finishing 5-6 this year). Enorine plans to attend Kyambogo University next fall after obtaining a diploma as an English teacher. Godfrey and I took 10 students out to lunch at a local"hotel" soda and lunch spread for about 40,000 -or $12. It was a great time for all of us!