Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Students & Projects for 2020-2021

Students that we assist with school fees in 2020
& Special Church projects for the next 24 months
Updated: December 2019

Kampala, Uganda
Rita –Makere U Medical School in 2020 – specialty dentist periodontal surgery
Enorine Abeho (22) – a senior at Kyambogo University – CPA degree
Irene (16) in S-4, Mum, Noeline, brother, Francis (5)
Noeline was our ‘patient representative’ while Brian and Mum were at CoRSU
Joseph,  a mechanic – recently found a job in Dubai, Saudi Arabia
Mariah, a Massage therapist is also in  Dubai, Saudi Arabia

Kazo Secondary School –
Elizabeth Kemanzi (19) S-4 Orp. - sister to Alex wants to be RN
Joyce Nahwera (21) – S-4 Orp. – niece to Godfrey
Enoch Tumuhimbise (17) – S-4 – son of Godfrey
Raymond Tumwesigye (16) – S-4, Oxford  SS, son of Godfrey
Hilda Natweta (15) – S-3 – daughter of Johnathan – Peas Noble SS
Gloria daughter of Johnathan –  M-Toma Vocational School  
Daphine Musoki (17) – S-3 (both parents reportedly died in a 2016 auto accident)
Methodist – S -3  - St Andrews SS
Asaph – S-2  - St Andrews SS

Ibanda town - Ibanda Integrated Primary School
Hannah Komugisha (35 - Foster Mum - parent to five of our children in Ibanda)
Patricia Nambuya (7) – P-2 - *day only  
Mark Niwasiima (14) –  P-4  
Mercy Akankwasa (13) – P-5   - *day only  
Rebecca Ankunda (Shannon) – P-7   - (Aunt Peace Butera)
Tabitha Kankunda (Mellon) – P-7 - (Aunt Peace Butera)

Bishop George Turyasingura
Fortunate - S-4 she is an exceptional student - first in her class every yr.

Voien Vocational School
Johnathan – Carpentry and Construction Instructor  
Godfrey Atuzariiwe, Director of Education – Transport children to school. Cover Medical treatment for children when needed.
Alex Atuhaire (22) – apprentice/Maintenance manager to Vocational School – (older brother to Elizabeth Kemanzi – she will begin nursing school in January)
We have 17 students in our carpentry class #101 and #102 as of September 2019

Kabale – Hope Reception Center VTC
Building rental assistance –  16 day students
HRC-VTC Instructor Pheonah salary assistance
Kasheija Jacob S-2 -  assisted since he was 4 – wants to be pilot
Joseph – S-5 - Mbarara Secondary School
Shalome – S-1 - Kabale Primary School
Shama – P-1 - Kabale Primary School
Pheonah started her own clothing Boutique in Kabale in 2018.
Isabella is a medical records  clerk at the Church of Uganda Hospital, Kabale
Patience (director of HRC-VTC) is one of two state directors for Compassion International. In 2018 we celebrated her receiving her Master of Social work diploma in August   (we provided her with tuition assistance).
Michael is the chaplain at Church of Uganda Hospital, Kabale

Kabale – Bishop Kivengere Secondary School

Promise - S-2 special student -  Nominated by the school headmistress
Nasasira Grace – S-4 – she was sick most of 2018 is repeating S-4  
Bridget Kemanzani – S-4 – wants to be a  Registered Nurse
Blessing – S-5 – Nominated by the school headmistress
Markline Nanshemeza (13) – P-6 – father deceased

Iganga Methodist Church - Hanns Isabirye, pastor
Celina Kisayke –  Primary School Teacher, Bishop Mayango College, Iganga
8 - Primary students & 2 Secondary school from Iganga Methodist church
John Peter Isabirye – Mbale University – major in Civil Engineering
Note: We assisted Hanns in obtaining his undergraduate degree in 2006.
He is a graduate of Seminary in Malaysia in 2015.

St. Barnabas Secondary School - Loyce and Peter
Loyce (mother to twin girls – 3yo) - secondary school instructor in geography and geometry. Peter (husband to Loyce - secondary school instructor in agriculture)
Caroline – Bishop Mayango Teachers College - Wants to teach crafts in SS

Kiruhura - Hill Top Vocational Training Center
Nixon continues to not only be the instructor. He is now running the school without any financial assistance from us.  He currently has 17 students that include 5 young men.
Maria Karungi (67) owns the land where Hill Top is located.  She lost her 47 year old son to cancer and her 107 year old father, both in October 2017.  We are assisting her by paying for school fees for 4 of her grandchildren. Funds from Pleasant Plain Presbyterian Church paid for Hill Top Vocational School building in 2009.

Special Construction Projects – 2019-2020

St. Michael Catholic Church – Kayanga Village (ongoing – 2019-20)
We continue to offer assistance to Priest Leonard with improvement to his   sanctuary – we have already given 10 new church pews, painted interior of the sanctuary, placed “15 Stations of the Cross”, a statue of Mother Mary,     a  statue of St. Michael and a rosewood crucifix.  ( all by  Stephen Swartz)

Bethania Catholic Church – Lubaale Village  (Gomba Dist) - 2019-2020
Per the request of Priest Welalisi and his sister, Barbara, we will be replacing 10 existing roof trusses on a 50 year old Church – 30’ X 60’ plus replace the door frames of all entrance doors.  We will also repair and refinish the cement floor.   Estimated cost is $3,000 including 30 days labor.

Bishop George Turyasingura – Ruwenzori district – 2019-2020
Assist Bishop George with the completion of a small Church of Uganda, north of the town of
Kamwenge.  Estimated cost, $2,000.