Friday, November 17, 2017

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 

John Skeel Missionary Foundation

December 2017

We have managed to set aside enough funds to support our 2018 projected budget for school fees for the children that we have made a commitment to sponsor and all projected building expenses to complete Building #2 Vocational school near the SW town of Ibanda.  I have pledged all necessary funds to cover all travel expenses, accounting costs and fund raising expenses for 2018.

We have completed Building #1 for Voien Vocational school with the exception of installing window glass, making and installing interior doors and completing the top layer for the cement floors.  The Shower house and pit latrine are complete with the exception of making and installing the three doors on the building.  We have installed a 40’ gutter on one side of the building including a 250 liter collection tank.  A second gutter and collection tank will be installed in 2018.

We completed the foundation for building #2 and the cement floor for that building will be done by the end of this year (building size is 27’ X 36’).  The sign post for Voien Vocational School was put up on the front of the building to include phone contact numbers for Johnathan the carpentry instructor + Godfrey the Director of Education.

Hill Top Tailoring School in Kiruhura started by Maria Karungi in 2007 on her land is now able to operate completely on it own.  The instructor, Nixon, for the past 4 years, has 16 students in this year’s class (4 are boys).  As of November, he had a total 16 students attending classes 5 days a week from 9 AM to 5 PM.  Maria lost both her 47 year old son to cancer and her father at 107 in October of this year.  We are assisting 4 of her grandchildren with school fees in Primary School in 2018.

Hope Reception Center Sewing School in Kabale has 14 students and a new instructor.  We rented an improved location for the school on a main highway going to the Congo.  Patience and Michael have all three of their children in school. Besides running Hope Reception Center they take care of two of our orphans. Bridget is doing very well in S3 and wants to be an RN. Kasheija is completing his last year of primary school. We are helping our former sewing instructor in starting her own tailoring shop at the same location.

We will have 8 boarding students in Primary boarding school and 8 Secondary students in boarding classes.   We have two in Vocational school and one a freshman in University in Accounting and finance at Kyambogo University.

Our Kenya pastor, Mark Ndinyo and his family are living in Atlanta, GA while he is getting his Master’s Degree in Divinity.  We had the pleasure of his entire family visiting us this summer in our home.  We also visited the folks of Pleasant Plain Presbyterian Church and West Eel Church of the Brethren while they were in the area. We donated $500 towards building him a new parsonage in his home town of Kimillili, Kenya this year.

We gave Mark a check for $500 to go towards his new parsonage in Kimillili, Kenya.  All of the children now have bicycles except Scofia who is of driving age.

I spent 5 days and visited 13 church inaugurations with Kemper and Ginger – Servants of the King in March of this year.

I spoke to Pastor Kevin while I was still in Uganda in October and said to him “you can plan on me spending the next ten years in Uganda doing the same thing that I have been doing for the last ten years.  That includes building one new church building a year and continuing with helping 50-60 young students per year with school fees or learning a vocational skill.”

Respectfully Submitted,

John Skeel, for John Skeel Missionary Foundation

Note: a copy of our 501c3 tax exempt status is available upon request.  Our CPA is Darin Miller, Warsaw, IN