Sunday, November 22, 2015


John Skeel Missionary Foundation – Sudents who need a sponsor for 2016
1. The family of Jackson and Juliet.  They have a total of 10 children – 12 to 26.
·       Ester – will be in S-5 in Kampala, January of 2016.
·       Peace – will be in S-4 in Kampala, January of 2016.
·       Robina, the oldest in the family, is completing YWCA hotel Management.
·       Kellen is already attending her 1st year of YWCA Hotel management school in Kampala.  (All four girls live in the same "boys" quarters in town.)
·       Rita, Noume and Shallon all live at home near a remote village near Kinoni and attend/walk to primary school – about 3 miles each way.
2.  The family of Godfrey has three children that we would like to assist.
·       Joyce is 16, Enoch is 14 and Raymond is 12.  Godfrey's two sons and his niece will complete P-7 at Ibanda Primary School in December of this year.  They all want to start S-1 at Kazo Secondary in January of 2016.  
3.  Pheona parents are both deceased.  She came to us when she was 13 years old having never been able to go to school – she was abused by her Uncle.   She successfully completed S-4 in Kabale last December.  Pheonah wants to begin a diploma course in Hotel Management at YWCA in January of 2016.  
We continue to have sponsors for the following students in 2015-2016:
·       Lilian completed her bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering this year. She is currently working as a Maintenance Engineer at Serena Hotel.
·       Her twin brother, Laban, will complete his medical degree (MD) the end of 2016 at Makere University Medical School in Kampala.  He recently stated to me that he would like to go into research once he completes his studies.
·       Enorine is in the top 5% of her class at Sades Academy in Rushere.  She told me that she wants to go into banking once she completes S-6 the end of 2016.
·       Enoth (Enorine's twin brother) and Alex will complete S-6 at Kazo Secondary at the end of this year (2015).
·       Bridget will begin S-1 in Kabale the beginning of next year (2016).
·       Kasheija will begin P-6 in Kabale the beginning of next year (2016).