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After Action Report: Spring – 17 March to 30 April 2022

 John Skeel Missionary Foundation

101 Cherry Avenue, Winona Lake, IN 46590-1607

After Action Report:   Spring – 17 March to 30 April 2022

Dear friends,

I am happy to report that I have completed yet another successful trip to Uganda.  Covid-19 tests before, during, and after my flight.  A mask is required to enter most stores for the majority of my stay.

Special Projects 

#1.  Witnessed the completion of Remiigo Primary School NEW steel roofing project to their chapel - 50’ X 100’.  They currently have approximately 500 students in grades 1-7. This school is located about one mile west of our Vocational Carpentry Center in the village near Ibanda.

#2.  We completed Alex’s NEW 12’ X 16’ living accommodation’s building. He has worked for us for the past 12+ years and is our on-site caretaker for the carpentry school.  He is now married with a wife and two children. We are very happy to be able to have him around.    $1,500 

#3.  We made significant progress on this year’s project – a  stand-alone 4-room school building that is 36’ X 36’ at the Praise God Primary School one mile west of our Vocational Center.   Last year Joan only had 50 students and 5 teachers.  This year she has 50 children in the first level class alone and added a 6th teacher.  We completed phase 1 and 2 before I left Uganda to return to the States.  That means we still have to complete phase 3 and 4.  Phase three will mean that we install the 4 steel doors and 8 - 36 inch by 48 inch wood shutter,  plus the install  the steel and cement “ring beam” that we use to keep the roof intact when there are high winds and rain as we are at 5,400 feet.  Phase 4 will be when we add the 7 – 36’ X 6’ wood trusses.  They will be built on site on top of the building walls (currently at 7’) as they are too heavy to lift – about 300# each.  We hope to complete this school building project early next year.  $4,000 this year

Student school fees assistance

Iganga:  Hanns Isabirye and his Methodist Church.  We continue to be assisting 10 girls with school fees all three terms – about $500 per year.  In 2023, we are planning to add 6 female college students for two semesters per year –  an additional $1,500 per year.

Kabale:  Hope Reception Sewing School: run by Michael and Patience for the past 16 years.  We continue to offer assistance for the teacher and building rental  –   $2,500 per year.  They have 20-25 mostly girls that are instructed on how to use a Singer treadle sewing machine and Brother knitting machine.

Additional individual students:

Brian - Iganga primary school - $250 per year.  (He had 18 months of medical treatment for severe club feet that was provided by CoRCU children’s hospital in Kampala that was paid for by us)

Irene - Kabale catering school - $450 per year.  We paid for her 6 years of secondary school.

Mercy, Mark, Patricia – Ibanda Primary school - $1,200 per year for classes+ room and board

Rebecca – second year of Sewing / Catering school (three terms per year) – Ibanda, $300 per year.

Elizabeth K - Sarah school of nursing Mbarara - $1,200 per year.  She will start her third year this August 2022.  We paid for her 6 years of secondary boarding school.

William M - Kampala University, western campus.   Bachelor of Physiology (physical therapist).   This is a three year program.  He will start his second year this August.  -  $ 2.500 per year for tuition.   There is an additional amount for room and board to live on campus of $900 per year.

Vocational training programs:

Voien Carpentry School – Ibanda: teachers

    Johnathan - $1,200 per year,    Alex - $1,200 per year

Gomba Sewing School – Kabalasokii:  rent and teachers assistance 

    Barbara - $900 per year

Godfrey – Director of Education - $350 per year

Respectfully submitted,  

John Skeel

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Annual Report December 2019

John Skeel Missionary Foundation
101 Cherry Ave, Winona Lake, IN 46590-1607
Fall Trip Report - November 13, 2019

We thank everyone for your continued prayers and financial support. I believe this has been our best year ever.  We have been able to financially assist over 100 children with school fees or vocational training this year. This includes three College students, Celina, Primary School teacher degree; Caroline, Secondary school teacher degree as Arts hand crafts instructor and Enorine, just finished her third year, first semester to become a CPA.  Rita, one of our previous students who completed her dental hygienist program five years ago will begin a five year Medical school degree program in August of 2020 to become a periodontal surgeon.

As to our special projects, we continue to assist Irene and Julias with their 5-year old son, Brian with medical treatment for his club feet at CoRSU hospital in Kampala. Meanwhile Irene and Brian are staying with our Catholic family, so they can walk to the hospital for Brian’s weekly appointments. Brian had 2 surgeries the third week of February 2019 to correct his left foot. He is now walking on his own without any assistance. He still will need one more surgery on his left foot In March of 2020. He was fitted with special shoes and will come back for adjustments at CoRSU.

I continue to support Servants of the King and Kemper Crabb, PhD and ordained Anglican Priest with his Christian church building/remodeling projects in Uganda.  Together we dedicated 10 new buildings in NE Uganda.  At each of these locations, I read from the Bible and reenacted the parable of the Good Samaritan to demonstrate how we are called and make decisions to help other people. As I tell this story, various children and/or adults participate in the skit.

Some of you remember my friend, Mark Ndinyo and his family.  He graduated from Seminary with a Masters in Divinity at the end of May.  In June, Mark and his family returned to their home in Kenya.  In the past 24 months we assisted Mark with funds, so he was able to complete his new home on his grandparent’s 25 acre farm in Kimillili. We also contributed $2,000 to assist with the purchase and installation of 10 steel trusses for a new sanctuary (60’ X 90’) for Mark’s Baptist church in Komquia, Kenya.

As for our forestry program we planted 50 more eucalyptus trees. We purchased two adjacent pieces of land on the opposite side of the road.  Some trees are doing better than others.  The orange trees all seem to be doing well.  Trees in their second year of growth are now producing fruit.  Only half of the Masuzi trees made it to the second year, as some had too much sun. This is the second year for 30+ new coffee trees. They are now anywhere from 1 to 3 feet tall.

We’ve made significant progress on both buildings. On building #1, we painted all of the walls and ceilings of every interior room, installed glass in all of the metal frame windows and doors. We installed three interior doors and finished the floors to three of the five rooms. On building #2, we built and installed 3 trusses and iron roofing to the classroom on the right side of the building.  We installed 2 - 48” X 80” metal doors to the center storage room (20’ X 14’) and made wooden shutters for the 4 – 48” X 48” window openings. The tool room (5’ X 14’) has a 5’ X 14’ steel metal door and 2 metal windows with glass for light.

The two vocational schools that we support by paying instructors, building rental (Kabale), or providing the buildings (Kanyata village, 15 km east of Ibanda) are doing very well.  The Sewing classes in Kabale currently have 19 girls.  Our new instructor’s name for Hope Reception Center is Pheonah.  The Carpentry class has shifted to our new building #2, where they have their own space for classroom and work space.  Additionally, they have a separate tool room where they can lock up and secure their tools. They have a second room where the lumber and building projects, such as twin bed frames and dining room chairs are stored. In 2018 we began with 10 boys and added 8 additional boys to the class in 2019.  Johnathan, our master carpenter, is the main instructor.  He’s assisted by Godfrey and Alex. He now has a wife and a 5 month old baby girl that live on site.

The banana and Matoke trees still are all doing well and provide Alex enough food for his family. He also has been successful in growing beans, cassava and potatoes, Irish sweet and yams.  Last year he planted peanuts that they roast in a pan on an open fire.

We provided funds for a small church – 20’ X 30’ in a remote village in NE Uganda that has about 35 members. We have photos of that church and its members.  We also worked on St Noah CC. We replaced 2/3rds of the wood trusses for that church in 2019.  In March we will be at the same location for about two weeks to complete the remaining roof trusses install new steel main entrance and new door frames for both side entrance,  as well as paint the interior walls and patch the floor.  Photos of this renovation will be included in next year’s annual report.

We are partnering with Bishop George Turyasingura of Ruwenzori Diocese on several projects, building a church in Kamwenge and paying for Fortunate’s S-5 school fees in 2020.

Respectfully submitted for John Skeel Missionary Foundation,

John Skeel

Students & Projects for 2020-2021

Students that we assist with school fees in 2020
& Special Church projects for the next 24 months
Updated: December 2019

Kampala, Uganda
Rita –Makere U Medical School in 2020 – specialty dentist periodontal surgery
Enorine Abeho (22) – a senior at Kyambogo University – CPA degree
Irene (16) in S-4, Mum, Noeline, brother, Francis (5)
Noeline was our ‘patient representative’ while Brian and Mum were at CoRSU
Joseph,  a mechanic – recently found a job in Dubai, Saudi Arabia
Mariah, a Massage therapist is also in  Dubai, Saudi Arabia

Kazo Secondary School –
Elizabeth Kemanzi (19) S-4 Orp. - sister to Alex wants to be RN
Joyce Nahwera (21) – S-4 Orp. – niece to Godfrey
Enoch Tumuhimbise (17) – S-4 – son of Godfrey
Raymond Tumwesigye (16) – S-4, Oxford  SS, son of Godfrey
Hilda Natweta (15) – S-3 – daughter of Johnathan – Peas Noble SS
Gloria daughter of Johnathan –  M-Toma Vocational School  
Daphine Musoki (17) – S-3 (both parents reportedly died in a 2016 auto accident)
Methodist – S -3  - St Andrews SS
Asaph – S-2  - St Andrews SS

Ibanda town - Ibanda Integrated Primary School
Hannah Komugisha (35 - Foster Mum - parent to five of our children in Ibanda)
Patricia Nambuya (7) – P-2 - *day only  
Mark Niwasiima (14) –  P-4  
Mercy Akankwasa (13) – P-5   - *day only  
Rebecca Ankunda (Shannon) – P-7   - (Aunt Peace Butera)
Tabitha Kankunda (Mellon) – P-7 - (Aunt Peace Butera)

Bishop George Turyasingura
Fortunate - S-4 she is an exceptional student - first in her class every yr.

Voien Vocational School
Johnathan – Carpentry and Construction Instructor  
Godfrey Atuzariiwe, Director of Education – Transport children to school. Cover Medical treatment for children when needed.
Alex Atuhaire (22) – apprentice/Maintenance manager to Vocational School – (older brother to Elizabeth Kemanzi – she will begin nursing school in January)
We have 17 students in our carpentry class #101 and #102 as of September 2019

Kabale – Hope Reception Center VTC
Building rental assistance –  16 day students
HRC-VTC Instructor Pheonah salary assistance
Kasheija Jacob S-2 -  assisted since he was 4 – wants to be pilot
Joseph – S-5 - Mbarara Secondary School
Shalome – S-1 - Kabale Primary School
Shama – P-1 - Kabale Primary School
Pheonah started her own clothing Boutique in Kabale in 2018.
Isabella is a medical records  clerk at the Church of Uganda Hospital, Kabale
Patience (director of HRC-VTC) is one of two state directors for Compassion International. In 2018 we celebrated her receiving her Master of Social work diploma in August   (we provided her with tuition assistance).
Michael is the chaplain at Church of Uganda Hospital, Kabale

Kabale – Bishop Kivengere Secondary School

Promise - S-2 special student -  Nominated by the school headmistress
Nasasira Grace – S-4 – she was sick most of 2018 is repeating S-4  
Bridget Kemanzani – S-4 – wants to be a  Registered Nurse
Blessing – S-5 – Nominated by the school headmistress
Markline Nanshemeza (13) – P-6 – father deceased

Iganga Methodist Church - Hanns Isabirye, pastor
Celina Kisayke –  Primary School Teacher, Bishop Mayango College, Iganga
8 - Primary students & 2 Secondary school from Iganga Methodist church
John Peter Isabirye – Mbale University – major in Civil Engineering
Note: We assisted Hanns in obtaining his undergraduate degree in 2006.
He is a graduate of Seminary in Malaysia in 2015.

St. Barnabas Secondary School - Loyce and Peter
Loyce (mother to twin girls – 3yo) - secondary school instructor in geography and geometry. Peter (husband to Loyce - secondary school instructor in agriculture)
Caroline – Bishop Mayango Teachers College - Wants to teach crafts in SS

Kiruhura - Hill Top Vocational Training Center
Nixon continues to not only be the instructor. He is now running the school without any financial assistance from us.  He currently has 17 students that include 5 young men.
Maria Karungi (67) owns the land where Hill Top is located.  She lost her 47 year old son to cancer and her 107 year old father, both in October 2017.  We are assisting her by paying for school fees for 4 of her grandchildren. Funds from Pleasant Plain Presbyterian Church paid for Hill Top Vocational School building in 2009.

Special Construction Projects – 2019-2020

St. Michael Catholic Church – Kayanga Village (ongoing – 2019-20)
We continue to offer assistance to Priest Leonard with improvement to his   sanctuary – we have already given 10 new church pews, painted interior of the sanctuary, placed “15 Stations of the Cross”, a statue of Mother Mary,     a  statue of St. Michael and a rosewood crucifix.  ( all by  Stephen Swartz)

Bethania Catholic Church – Lubaale Village  (Gomba Dist) - 2019-2020
Per the request of Priest Welalisi and his sister, Barbara, we will be replacing 10 existing roof trusses on a 50 year old Church – 30’ X 60’ plus replace the door frames of all entrance doors.  We will also repair and refinish the cement floor.   Estimated cost is $3,000 including 30 days labor.

Bishop George Turyasingura – Ruwenzori district – 2019-2020
Assist Bishop George with the completion of a small Church of Uganda, north of the town of
Kamwenge.  Estimated cost, $2,000.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Annual Report December 2018

John Skeel Missionary Foundation
101 Cherry Ave, Winona Lake, IN 465,
Annual Report December 2018

We want to thank everyone for your continued prayers and financial support. I believe that this has been our best year ever.  We have been able to financially assist over 80 children with school fee or vocational training this year.

We added 8 primary students and 2 secondary students in Iganga with Pastor Hans Isabirye (a student that we assisted with College fees over 10 years ago).  We added 5 students in Ibanda primary school – three are boarding and the other two girls live in our Ibanda foster home run by Annah.  Her sister Justine and her best friend, Gloria are completing a two year catering/hotel management degree program the end of January 2019 at Alliance Vocational School in Ibanda.

In Kazo Secondary school, we have 3 boys and 3 girls.  All are top academic students and most are on the soccer or net ball team.  They went to the soccer playoffs in Kenya the first year school had a team. We have had over 20 children finish all 6 years of Kazo Secondary School.

Enorine is one of those Kazo students that is now a sophomore at Kyambogo University in Kampala. She is majoring in accounting and finance and wants to be a CPA. Noeline daughter, Irene is in S3. She walks to school because she still lives at the home with her brother, Francis and her grandparents. Noline is still teaching Sharron how to make baskets and other crafts. She too, lives with the grandparents while learning crafts and English.

In Kabale, we have one student in Kabale teachers college.  She wants to be an art teacher.   We assisted her older sister, Loyce several years ago. Her sister is married to Peter and they have twins that will soon be 3 yo. Peter and Loyce are teachers at St. Barnabas Secondary school.  Loyce’s father, Emmy passed away a couple of years ago at 50. We also have Bridget in S-3 of Secondary School.  She wants to be a veterinarian.

As to our special projects, we continue to assist Irene and Julias with their son, Brian with medical treatment for his club feet at CoRSU hospital in Kampala. Meanwhile Irene and Brian are staying with a Catholic family, so he can walk to the hospital for his weekly appointments. Brian is scheduled to have surgery the second week of December to correct his left foot.

Nixon is still the sewing instructor for Hill Top Sewing School that we started in 2008 in Kiruhura district. He now runs the program for us without any financial assistance.  He currently has 22 students including three boys.

We continue to assist Hope Reception Center with providing building rental assistance for their sewing school.  We have rehired Cleophus to be the main sewing instructor for more than 20 girls.  We also are providing life skills to these girls.  Michael and Patience have all three of their children, Joshuah, Shalome and Shama, in school.  Michael is now the Chaplain for Kabale community hospital.  Patience is now one of two district managers for Compassion International.  We assisted her with school fees to obtain her Masters in Social Work in Kabale.

In February, we opened Voien Vocational School (VVS) with 16 students from ages 14 to 26.  All walk to class daily.  Johnathan, the carpentry instructor, is the older brother of Godfrey our Director of Education.  His own furniture making business has doubled since starting the class, partially because our school is located on a main village road between four schools and three churches.

We have partially completed our second building of VVS and plan to start additional classes with an art class in March of 2019.
On the land behind the school we have planted about 50 coffee trees, 30 orange trees, 50 Musuzi trees and 100 Gravari trees as the lot is over 800 feet deep.

In Kimillili, Kenya we have assisted Pastor Mark Ndinyo by purchasing materials that would enable him to complete his new parsonage. It is adjacent to our sewing school on his family farm about 10 miles outside of town.  We were very happy to host Mark and his family again at our home in Winona Lake this summer for 10 days.  We enjoyed an evening and dinner with Judy Bird on the lake. We had a few people at our home one evening.  Mark visited several churches that provide funds to build new church buildings in Kenya in the past 8 years.  In January we will be provide additional funds for roofing materials for Mark’s new Sanctuary for Kimillili Baptist church (60’ X 90’). We have assisted his 4 children – Scofia, Brend, Vanessa and Damon – with clothes, school supplies and books for the past 3 years. In June of 2019 Mark will receive a Master’s Degree of Divinity and all will return home to Kenya.

Respectfully Submitted,
For John Skeel Missionary Foundation,
John Skeel
For 2018 photos: